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GPG soldiers, spouses, SOs' and supporters unite!
This is a safe haven for those of us in the GPG with military ties to rant, rave, or just be supportive. Opinions are more than welcome, just keep it in check. In light of events in the guild, remember....I WILL BE WATCHING!
GPG = Gaian Parents Guild
Jul. 15th, 2005 @ 06:35 pm (no tasks)
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Drop Dead Fred
Hey all,
I have lowered the prices of all my yellow ribbon jewelry so I can get rid of my stock. If you ever wanted to order now is your last chance.
Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by
bjerks_goodies is where it's at
May. 29th, 2005 @ 09:30 am (no tasks)
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Drop Dead Fred
Hey girls and guys,
I just put some of my yellow ribbon jewelry on ebay at super low prices. I have never offered these at this low of a price so if you ever wanted one and held off now is the time to buy.

Here is a link to my auctions...
And here are the bracelets that are up now.
Ebay BraceletsCollapse )

Thanks for looking. I also have a few other items listed in my selling journal bjerks_goodies.
I also make deployment bracelets, all information on those is in my selling journal also.
Mar. 22nd, 2005 @ 09:57 pm (no tasks)
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Drop Dead Fred
Hi everyone it's me the braclet girl again.
I wanted to ask you all since you are Military friends and family what you thought about this idea.
My friend and I made ourselves some Deployment braclets to wear while our hubbies are gone. We have had several comments about them and have had people ask us to make them.
So here is the question,
What are your thoughts on braclets like these
Image hosted by
Would you pay $18 to $25 for them?
They would be personalized and are available in branches except for Coast Guard because I haven't found any charms saying that yet.
We will have charms that include tanks, soldiers, trucks, cannons, machine guns, anchors, ship wheels, hats, canteens, several other military related charms. Oh and silver ribbons too.
We have seen these online for no less than $30 so we figure it would be better to pay $20 for one that is just as nice.

Anyway just let me know your opinions if you don't mind.
Nov. 23rd, 2004 @ 06:30 pm (no tasks)
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Drop Dead Fred
This is the last time I will post to advertise. I feel bad about it because I know these communities aren't for selling but I promise I will not plaster the community anymore.
New Braclets
I just got these in today and they are $11.50 shipped. These are pretty heavy due to the size of the chain they are on, that is why they are a bit more.
The first one says "Help Bring Them Home"

different ones hereCollapse )Thanks for looking.
Nov. 10th, 2004 @ 02:12 pm (no tasks)
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Drop Dead Fred
Sorry if this isn't allowed but I just recently started selling these and I thought that some of you other military wives/girlfriends might like one.
They are $6.50 and shipping is about $1.00
Yellow Ribbon BracletsCollapse )

Once again sorry if this isn't acceptable for the community.

Cross posted to military spouse communities.
Oct. 16th, 2004 @ 02:44 am XP
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This has been on my mind a bit today: I know all of us here are non-working military spouses, but I wanted to know, how many do you know who do work and have you considered getting a job yourself?
Sep. 9th, 2004 @ 12:57 pm Well umm.
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This is going slow. I was hoping we could rant or talk about SOMETHING! lol. Ok I've got a topic. Who in their right mind, or their left for that matter, would put an artillary range so close to where people live?!?! If I have to go through "BOOM!" "BARK!" "WAAAAAAA!" One more night, I'm going to start sneaking out there with my paintball gun!
Sep. 2nd, 2004 @ 03:38 pm Hello
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Let's see if this thing works. Again the simple things seem to confuse me, but that's alright. If all works well we should have a nicely functioning community here. So hello, and here's to hoping we get more members.